Connect Airport Shuttle

PRO'S - We Highly Recommend!

Perfect for people who like to travel with others.

Shuttle Services provide better rates, especially for (1) person traveling.

Perfect for "Airport Only" Transportation.

Nice clean vehicles, professional drivers.

Great for flights coming in from 7a-7p.


CON'S - We Do Not Recommend!

Shuttle for multiple people traveling, due to the per person rate.  

The Per Person Rates ranges from $20.00 - $25.00 per person.  

Individual transportation will provide better rate for multiple people. 

Not recommended for early morning flights before 7a.

Not recommended for late night flights after 7p.

 If you are in a hurry, due to multiple stops we would not recommend. 

LA Corporate & Executive Transportation

PRO'S - We Highly Recommend!


Baton Rouge and New Orleans Airport Transportation.

General Transportation Services.

Perfect for early morning pick-up starting 3:30a.

Perfect for late night pick-up until 11:30p.


Great for people that prefer to be in the vehicle by themselves.

Individual services give better rates for multiple people.

Have your own personal professional driver.

No multiple stops picking up additional people.

You Get to choose vehicle type. 

Perfect transportation for young adults and seniors.


CON'S - We Do Not Recommend!

This would not be the best way to travel if you are looking for the least expensive transportation possible, for 1 person.  

Individual transportation may cost a little more but is definitely the best way to travel because of the benefits.